Cette 3 Bio

Houston's Sisters of R&B and Rap

CETTE 3 is made up of 3 sisters-18 year old twins Taneeyah ("Tee") & Meniyah ("Niyah") aka "TM Twins" and 15 year old sister Krislyn, aka "Krissy."  Collectively they have over 2.8 million followers on Instagram and Tik Tok as well as over 350k subscribers on YouTube with music streaming on all platforms.  


The trio has been in entertainment practically their whole lives. They started dancing at the age of 3. Taking ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern and contemporary. The twins continued dancing and becoming technically and professionally trained. While krislyn decided dance was not for her at the age of 8 and started to focus on playing drums, piano and basketball.  In elementary and middle school they would win talent shows and dance performances around Houston.  At the age of 7 and  5 they realized they could sing when they did a kareoke performance of Justin Bieber's "Baby" and shocked the audience!  From there they started singing lessons as a group for about a year or 2.  They all sang in school and church choir throughout elementary and middle school.   Niyah was the one who took singing more serious at first. Starting at age 10 she took singing lessons with LaKisha Jones, 4th runner up in American idol, then in 8th grade started lessons with their current vocal and artist development coach Ms. Patrice Wilson-a gospel artist grade.  At that time, Niyah was singing solos in church and events. Tee was more into dance choreography creating dances for school and competitions and kris was more in to instruments and basketball.   They have all had a great deal of professional training. Tee and Niyah both trained in dance with Debbie Allen and many others and was accepted into a dance magnet school in jr. high.  Krissy took drum and piano lessons with Fort Bend Music Academy and was in band at school. She also has played and trained in basketball since 3rd grade. 


In summer of 2020 after the twins had built an instagram following of about 60k followers from posting dances, they got noticed by a famous YouTuber-Funny Mike-who had an entertainment company. When they got noticed Krissy did too even though she didn’t really post on social media or have a following. Their now current producer Mr. One 9 was a part of the entertainment group. He is a producer and digital media expert. When he noticed they could sing, He talked to their  mom-manager about working with them. She connected him with Ms. Patrice and they immediately got into the studio.  2 months later they released their 1st single written by them called  "Christmas With You." 


They have since released several singles, won 1st place in the Coast to Coast Live Artist showcase, interviewed with 97.9 the Box, 953 Jamz, 102.5 and many podcasts.  They have been selected as featured artists for the "Women Who Rock" ig series and are currently involved in community activities and fundraising for cancer research.  Their latest single "Run It Up" is now gaining popularity.  Cette 3 is currently working on an EP which will drop late March.

Cette 3 has performed at the following events:

-Coast to Coast Live Artist Showcase

-Shadow Creek High School Pep Rally

-Slem Festival

-George Ranch Rodeo

-Fashion Show Benefiting Domestic Violence Awareness

-Private Parties

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Band Members

Raising the Bar

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Lead Vocalist, Songwriter and Producer, Dancer, Creator

  • Official Niyah B
  • TM Twins
  • YouTube


1 mil



Lead Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Musician, Creator

  • Official Niyah B
  • YouTube



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Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Choreographer, Dancer, Creator

  • Itz That Girl Tee
  • TM Twins
  • YouTube


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